Polytechnic Museums

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[Academic Briefing]
Group Work

The ambit of this project was to create the image of the colective institution that is the Polytechnic Museums of Lisbon's University. Compounded by several departments and singular museums, directed mostly torwards sciense (geology, biology, chemistry, etc.), the graphic elements used were suposed to assemble all the parts into one main entity. Than the graphic image developed was to be used in sample materials, and comunication devices were to be structured and rules decided.

The common elements in this identity design are the curly braces (agglutinating element of diferent parts); the square shape, used in small publications, tickets, and the frame of images (as a symbolic representation of modular parts of a bigger puzzle); the typography used, with special emphasis on the use of small caps (Abobe Caslon Pro); and finally the big, bright, bold and colourful pictures, with an emphasis on natural elements and macro enlargement of the protrayed.

The following publication is what resulted of this project efforts, and the images show examples of the materials developed for said institution.